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Korean Red Apple Ginger Tea
Red apple ginger tea helps to detoxify the liver, increase the amount of protein and serum in the body. Besides, red apple ginger tea also helps the skin to be more rosy and healthy.

  • Fresh ginger: Spicy, warm has the effect of dispersing wind and cold, warming the taste, turning phlegm, reducing cough, circulating blood.
  • Red Apple: Sweet taste, mildness, beneficial effects, blood tonic, mind-nourishing, sedative; improve immunity. Everyone knows too well how important ginger is in beauty, supplementing nutrients, preventing many diseases, but what about ginger combined with red apple?
    • Red apple has heat preservation properties, sweet taste, rich in nutrients, because it contains ingredients such as: protein, lipid, sugar, calcium, iron, and many vitamins A, B1, B2, carotene... The large amount of vitamin C in red apples can be called "champions" in fruits.
    • Red apples help replenish blood, brain and help restore health quickly, enhance physical strength, prolong life, especially those with weak nerves or those who work mentally.
    • Jujube tea helps to nourish nerves and increase appetite.
  • Beautify skin, supplement spleen with health benefits, enhance blood circulation and anti-aging.
  • Oriental medicine considers red apple to be a tonic for gas, because red apple has a harmony, sweet taste, has the effect of preventing cough, nourishing the five organs, and benefiting the heart and lungs. When the gastrointestinal motility function is weak and the digestive function is poor, you can regularly eat jujube to improve the bad function of the gastrointestinal tract and increase physical strength. People who often have bloating can add a little fresh ginger to cook and drink, the stomach will immediately stop "gassy".
  • When the spirit is panic, the heart is arrhythmia, sleep is restless or in the pre-menopause stage, the decoction of Oriental medicine always has the taste of red apple. That's because jujube tea has a sedative effect. Therefore, if you feel tired and stressed with work, you should put a little red apple in your daily food.

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